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Posted by sexworkrecovery on July 12, 2015 at 4:35 AM



To: Press and the Music Industry


From: Sex Workers Anonymous – www.sexworkersanonymous.com


Date: July 10, 2015


Re: Call Out to Press & Music Industry to Give More Attention to Positive Spending


We are routinely seeing a great deal of press being given to rappers and musicians who go into strip clubs “making it rain” with bricks of money upon strippers. This sort of thing gets a great deal of press while we're trying to do outreach to our communities about the potential dangers not just in the sex industry – but even strip clubs for customers.


Drake has reported to have dropped $50,000 in a strip club – and even supposedly $8,000 in the parking lot of one. Fabulous has reportedly dropped $28,000 while Ludacris has dropped $10,000 at one pop. Chris Brown - $15,000. Akon - $50,000. While photos of Bieber and a stripper went viral.


The message the media is sending young women is clear – be a stripper and you make lots of cash and meet rich and famous men. The message to young men is also clear – you want to be cool? Throw your money around a strip club like it's dirt.


What does not seem to get at least equal press however is when Kevin Hart donates $25,000 to four students, Pharrell Williams donates $50,000, and Usher donated $100,000 at the UNCF Evening of the Stars to support positive goals held a few months ago. It was like a “blip” in comparison.


What also doesn't seem to get equal attention is when bad things happen at strip clubs also – like when the news leaked out that a strip club in New Jersey was actually owned by DEA agents. The dancers were illegal aliens – probably so they wouldn't report on the activities they were seeing go down in this club (no pun intended here). At the Crazy Horse II in Las Vegas – a man was paralyzed for life over an $80 bar tab dispute. Reports were that customers were being given GHB, the date rape drug, then their credit cards maxed out. When they would complain – they'd be bodily thrown out of the club.


When we told reporter Bob Herbert, who used to have an opt-ed for the NY Times, that you could “throw a rock and hit a trafficking victim” in a Las Vegas strip club he tested our claim for himself. He reported he found one at the first club he entered within 15 minutes. In response to the validation – then mayor Oscar Goodman didn't swear to address the problem. Instead he threatened Bob with a “baseball bat to the head if he ever sets foot back in Las Vegas again”.


Our hotline has been receiving a record number of calls about trafficking in strip clubs and massage parlors now that internet sites for escorts are being cracked down on. We're also receiving a record spike in the number of calls we're getting from customers who are being ripped off inside the clubs.


So we're calling upon you, the media, to please try and give positive contributions as much, if not more, attention to the way money is being spent positively by the rap community and music industry. It will make our job of warning these young women about the dangers inside these clubs a little easier.

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