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Copy of Letter We Just Mailed the Huffington Post, The Advocate, Ellen, and other major media

Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 13, 2013 at 1:40 PM

Proof Nevada is Denying Existing Services for Sex Trafficking Victims based on being gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, and religious reasons - and to raise millions of dollars

Dear Huffington Post:


We know that you print news concerning the gay community, as well as about the sex trafficking problem within the USA. On Monday, February 11, 2013, Trafficking and Prostitution Services wrote a letter charging that sex trafficking victims are being either denied existing services to assist them, or even being rejected from existing services, based on them being male, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, and because of religious descrimination.


A member of one of these existing programs, Sex Workers Anonymous, was there when the letter was presented, and read, by the Attorney General, and everyone there at the legislature, charging this, talking about existing programs and services that are available now at no cost to the victim or the state, and presenting solutions offered by sex trafficking victims as to what they believe will "work" to do something to either/or prevent victims from being taken advantage of, and/or solutions to help victims to get access to these services once they are either victims or hear of any victims needing help.


The next day, the Review Journal printed this story. http://www.lvrj.com/news/new-bill-aims-to-break-ties-between-pimps-prostitutes-190775331.html John Hambrick, the Assemblyman who wrote this bill, and who spoke to this victim directly and personally, and who was present when this letter was read, wrote this on his page about the event. https://www.facebook.com/#!/jhambrick


They have been known to take down news and listings once I start complaining straight out of 1984 - so I've attached screen shots I've learned to save showing you what was on the internet as of February 13, 2013.


You'll note that there is not one mention about this brave survivor who came forward to speak, the letter, Sex Workers Anonymous or Trafficking and Prostitution Services (if they wanted to respect our anonymity) or Children of the Night. Further, the RJ goes on to say that the Attorney General claimed that "there's no existing services", and that "we need to raise money to get services as nothing exists" and to put together an "advocate" for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. I've been in contact with someone from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for years now - and have been working with them to improve their system to both retrieve missing victims, as well as provide the proper treatment to victims, all without an official title or payment I should add.


In other words - they did exactly what this letter from us is claiming they are doing to us - and in the process this is denying services that do exist to trafficking victims who are male, gay, transgender, and of other, or no, religious faith. I'm also sending under separate cover an announcement that we receive about these trafficking events in Nevada from the Attorney General's office. I would like you to note that the heading is addressed "To All Faith Based Leaders". There is a concept of "separation of church and state" - especially when there's government money involved - and this right here is a perfect example of why.


I've personally gone in the middle of the night more than once to pick up sex trafficking victims who have been kicked out of the Salvation Army shelter because they were (1) lesbian, (2) Buddhist - a shelter which has received both federal and state money as well as private donations to be helping trafficking victims. Further - this shelter provides no access to services to male, gay and/or transgender victims of trafficking either - and when they are kicking the victims out of these programs - they are not only not providing them with referrals to existing programs like ours - they won't even let us in to work with their victims despite the fact we have been providing effective recovery services to these victims since 1987 across the nation successfully.


You've just witnessed it for yourself - that they're doing what we charge their doing. It needs to be stopped and we need you help to get the word out it's being done so that victims can find help through existing programs that do offer services to anyone such as Sex Workers Anonymous, Trafficking and Prostitution Services and Children of the Night (who provides services to those who are under the age of 18 who are also gay, transgender, and with no religious restrictions).


We are not the only ones experiencing this. Any victim will be put on a plane free of charge to go to Children of the Night. In fact almost 2/3 of their victims at different times have been out of Nevada - yet they do not charge, nor have they received, any state money from Nevada, nor any of this donation money from private donors who have donated to help these victims.


I do not get paid for our work. Never have and can't because Sex Workers Anonymous does not have "paid" workers anymore than Alcoholics Anonymous does. I don't have time to go around the state and do all these organized fund raisers that is siphoning money out from the help I have been able to network in the past. Mostly because I'm too busy working with the victims!


How is this my problem? In the past, I used to be able to call up local churches, synagogues, temples, monestaries, etc., and when we've needed help to buy a bus or plane ticket to get an adult victim into a program or services, or for a hotel because they called at 2:00 a.m. and I can't reach anyone to coordinate their services until morning, or to get transportation to pick them up from the brothel, strip club, massage parlor, etc., to get them to safety - I've been able to get the help we needed in the past.


Now when I try to get help to work a case - I'm being told "we just gave" to all these other "organized" programs that have straight up refused to provide me with any help when I've called them for help with specific cases that have required cash assistance of some kind. That's when I can get them to talk to me - because most of them either ignore my phone calls and emails entirely or they'll just call me to "blow me off". I'd even had victims try and call them directly to get access to emergency services - only to have them ignored as well. So for all the money they are getting - they're not providing the services they're telling donors and grantors they're supposed to be providing. Nor are they networking with existing services to see victims get help either. I do have proof these programs are refusing to cooperate or connect with our programs in any fashion as I've saved every email, phone log and conversation to document this fact.


We've been emailing, faxing and calling the Attorney General for months here trying to let her know about our services - only to be completely ignored. We do have one email from her assistant that claimed "we're not working on any bill regarding prostitution" however. Isn't trafficking about prostitution? Despite even sending a member to the legislature floor with a letter on behalf of all of the Nevada victims who had suggestions for her, reached out to her, and tried to let her know about existing services - we not only received no mention in her statements to the press - nor any mention in the press itself - but she did not call us to inquire about any of these services either since the event either by email or telephone. Why? Well her words are that "money needs to be raised" because "nothing exists". Well we now have proof we've informed her of services that do exist - and proof that she went on to deny this fact publicly and in the media.


Could this have something to do with the brothels only 7 miles outside of town? Our victim told her about point blank trafficking that she experienced right in the local legal brothel - along with our letter outlining what can be done to help future victims. When this victim asked her point blank about our suggestion and what can be done about this right now - she refused to answer her.


Now we know for a fact that the local papers won't run stories about us because they fear the loss of ad dollars from the brothels, the escort services, the strip clubs, and the massage parlors. We know this because that's what they have told us to our face. They'd lose millions of dollars in ad money if they printed a story about our work and what we're doing to help Nevada victims.


Attorney General Daniel Bogden used to have no problem arresting big time traffickers as evidenced by his "G Sting" arrests and others that we've seen break up many trafficking rings in Nevada against very "big time bad" mobsters. We also used to have no such problem getting our word and services information out when Daniel Bogden was Attorney General. Yet we can't even get a phone call or email from Catherine Cortez Masto - despite working with trafficking victims in Nevada currently. She's even denying we exist despite one of our members being right on the legislature floor on Monday. You tell me why?


What about these donations she's referring to that she "won't disclose who they are". We sure aren't seeing any of that money either despite actually providing services to Nevadan victims - so you tell me what's up with her. Could it be these "donors" are from the local brothel owners? Sure they're against - on paper. If they were "really" against it - they'd have taken me up on my offer to provide flyers to the women in the brothels for free for years now so they can access our services when they either need help with trafficking - or they want to quit the sex trade and need support. I also document they've been refusing to let me offer this information to their employees for years now.


This is why I'm reaching out to the national media to bring attention to this - and so that ALL victims can find access to help they desperately need.


Thank you for listening.


Jody Williams



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