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Copy of Letter to John Hambrick

Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 13, 2013 at 1:45 PM

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From: Jody Williams

To: "[email protected]"

Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 12:59 AM

Subject: Sex Trafficking

Dear John:

I've told you in the past that (1) the previous Assemblyman, Bob Beers, who backed up the work we were doing on behalf of Nevada trafficking victims had received death threats, and also been falsely "set up" by the RJ to lose his seat under trumped up false ethics charges because he was trying to help not only the victims, word to get out in the media because the RJ was refusing to print anything about this issue, and also because he was in discussion with the various licensing boards about taking our suggestion about changing the licensing process for brothels, strip clubs, massage parlors, outcall services, etc., to the point where he's completely withdrawn even discussing this subject with anyone, and (2) that I've received death threats from people such as Metro Officers, even a local FBI agent, the assistant Attorney General to Daniel Bogden, brothel owners, business owners who support the expansion of brothels into Las Vegas, as well as other types of threats, retaliations, attacks, tire slashings, my whole car demolished right after the 2007 press conference about trafficking in Nevada, etc.

I've received notices about various trafficking events going on in Vegas - many of which I've been also notified that many Metro officers will be in attendance at such events. Some of these Metro officers, and other officials, are "backing up" or even outright involved with local pimps and traffickers - some of who have actually made prostitutes and madams disappear entirely. Pimps who are still out there "operating" today.

So that I, and other survivors of Nevada trafficking, could attend these events (we certainly haven't been invited to speak, help organize, or participate in any way) , we've tried asking people "who" would be attending so we could determine if it would be safe for us to come in and out of these events physically. Our requests for information as to the guest lists have always been ignored - so I've tried asking you if you, or someone else who is attending these events, could possibly come and pick me up and take me so that I'd be provided with someone who would be a "witness" and/or someone whose presence with me at least would deter anyone from attempting to come up and make any other threats or even attacks. Each one of my requests to you, and others, have been completely ignored - or responded to with a flip "see you there" sent to me just hours before these events - certainly not enough time for me to arrange any type of security and/or protection nor even to schedule the paratransit I'm currently on through which I have to schedule all rides at least 24 hours in advance and before 5:00 p.m.

Prior to Saturday, February 10th, I've sent you more than one request to speak to you about the trafficking bills - as well as even your "john" bill. I've told you that I not only have experience in these areas from other states where I've been involved in this process - but also that I have experience in not only creating programs that deter prostitution in general - but that also help a "john" to stop frequenting strip clubs, prostitutes, brothels, etc. I've offered to speak to you on the phone, go to coffee, etc., all on more than one occasion since I moved to Las Vegas two years ago. Not one of those requests have been responded to - and I've kept every email, facebook, etc., to verify that you have not responded in the positive in any fashion. There's no voice mails or phone calls that have been made to me accepting my invitations to you previously to discuss these issues with you.

Things like how the trafficking bill in California was rejected over "poor wording" - which is another claim that's going up right now about your bill proposal made Monday. An attack against the bill that might not have been made if you had agreed to meet with me and discuss this beforehand so I could have gone over with you how previous bills in other states have been rejected over poor wording.

Yes you agreed to do the radio show interview on Sunday morning - which was only hours away from Monday's legislature meeting and not in enough time for me to have discussed these other items with you in time for something constructive to have been added before you went up there. By doing the show on Sunday - this would not have given us any time to send the show out to those who would have been there, or who might have shown up, to generate any more support from anyone using our Facebook, blog, etc.

While you agreed to do the show - you still did not agree to meet with me to discuss the trafficking bill, or your bill on "john's". I waited to see if you would say anything about our trafficking survivor who bravely came forward to this meeting to discuss what happened to her, and what needs to be done to help these victims - and to help them find access to existing services that are there already to help them on your Facebook page - but you said nothing.

There doesn't need to be any fund raisers in order to get victims help through existing programs such as Sex Workers Anonymous or Children of the Night which were founded in 1987. I MOVED HERE IN 1996 in order to be able to work directly with trafficking victims in Nevada. I'm the one who organized the victims and the research that went into the first ever report on Trafficking in Nevada in 2007. I was doing this work since before you were even an Assemblyman. I would think you'd not only have wanted to know what we're doing before even drafting a bill regarding adult trafficking victims, hear from us about what's needed to help these victims, and even discuss with us the services we have been providing to local and national victims to call yourself "informed" on this issue even. Knowing about trafficking in other countries - does not count when you're talking about Nevada services to Nevada victims using Nevada's voters and Nevada's taxpayers' money.

All work that's been unpaid for, donated to, even by you. You haven't even donated $1.00 despite the request for help when we were trying to pay for the hotel bill for a victim that got stuck a few days in a hotel before a bed was open to her in a treatment program we arranged to get her into. Which is another thing we do - when they need drug treatment we have connections and "scholarships" all over the USA with people who do hire ex-sex workers and have received training and do have experience helping trafficking victims to get clean from the drugs the pimps force them on to control them easier.

You've got "time" John. I've seen you at the potluck. I've seen you at a parade you even got a pastor to donate $300 to organize that provided no direct services to victims. I've seen you at the library, the luncheons, the documentary viewings, the fund raisers, and 100 other little events that are geared to raise money for groups that do not provide any "direct services" to Nevada victims. So you seem to be able to donate money, fund raising skills, and time to all these other groups. Other groups that I've documented by calling them and asking them to help with specific cases we've been working on in Nevada over the years - and that they've refused to help.

Do you realize that each time we've had a victim that required local "safe housing" until we could get them from the pimp into a program out of state where they would get treatment provided to them that's effective, and free, and costs the taxpayers nothing, and has been working for decades as we have members now we've helped who have gone on to get degrees and work at places like these now - I've called up places like Hookers for Jesus, the Dream Center, etc., and they won't even return my phone calls or emails to help a real live breathing local victim?

Maybe because a lot of it is a sham. I read the RJ news article about the Dream Center and Hookers for Jesus opening up a "safe house" for adult victims. They claimed to have "therapists on staff" who were "trained" to treat this issue back in January of 2012. I had a victim who I had actually negotiated with her pimp to let her go into my custody at the request of her mother who called me for help - but then we had to get her from the pimp's house into a program we'd arranged to get her into that works exclusively with trafficking victims, that was started by a recovering SWA member, and is staffed by ex-trafficking victims that was offering her a six month long treatment program for free.

As you also know - I had a stroke which put me out of work and onto SSI. I make $710 a month. That's it - zip $710 a month. I didn't have money to pay for this woman a hotel for the night. Her mother was also on SSI and was retired - and out of state. The victim didn't have any money - I'd just arranged for the pimp to "kick her loose". She didn't even have any ID which meant I'd even have had to rent the hotel room for her. As it was, I was having to go and pick this woman up on the bus! I couldn't wait for paratransit - so I had to come on bus to pick this woman up. I thought "great I can put her in to this program" here locally and called them up. Only I find out their "therapists" were "pastoral counselors" who when I questioned them were not licensed therapists, addictions counselors, nor had they received one hour of specific training in how to treat a severely traumatized brand new trafficking victim. I also found out the whole press release about this house "opening" was also a sham - nothing had been opened. When I asked what happened to the money I know people donated to open this house - they slammed down the phone on me, shut down their websites, yanked the news clipping, and then refused to take any more of my calls.

Do you know that a local brothel owner made a press conference announcement that he was "fighting trafficking"? He put together a "task force" and said he was dedicating his efforts, and his money, to fight trafficking. Yeah right - he just wants the "illegal" prostitutes that are his competition arrested and taken off the streets. Any other "victims" he comes across - he's putting to work in his brothel. That's not exactly my idea of "helping trafficking victims" - is it yours? I know that he's operating all kinds of functions, and attending all of these trafficking functions - and making large donations to political campaigns - up to $20,000 the last time I read about him.

We even now have Lance Malone, a brothel owner, who has just been elected to the City Commission of Nevada. So I know good and well that Nevada is full of politicians, business owners, and all sorts of "fronts" for the traffickers that are claiming with one hand to be trying to "fight" trafficking - while in reality they are doing everything they can to stop the real victims from finding their way to real services that will help them and not call that help recruiting them to work for their brothels!

I also know for a fact that the Salvation Army does not provide services to any males, transgenders, or Jewish or Buddhist victims. I know they've actually kicked out two women - one for being lesbian, and the other for being Buddhist. Two women that were able to find me only because someone did know about us because the SA gave them no referrals to us when they kicked them out - nor made any arrangements for them to speak to any of us before they kicked them out.

Years ago - the Salvation Army was making people who attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings there on their premises take a breathalyzer test. This is a complete and total violation of NA's Traditions. There is only ONE requirement for membership - and that's a "desire to quit using". There is no such requirement that you have to pass a breathalyzer test. But I also know they had to "say" they were holding NA meetings on their premises in order to keep their license to operate. The problem was their insurance company required the breathalyzer test in order to admit anyone. That's fine if their insurance requires this in order to admit anyone - but then you should not be having an "open" meeting of NA listed in the directory where someone is going to be refused entrance in the NA meeting if they can't pass the breathalyzer test.

So I went to NA and informed them this was happening - and I also knew for a fact that there were people who were so upset at being refused entrance into the meeting because of the breathalyser test - they were going out to use being upset and blaming NA for this. When NA found out about it - they shut the meeting down. Ever since I did this - the Salvation Army put out a "ban" that I was not allowed to even go onto their premises anymore. Which was a shame because prior to that time I was coming in once a month to speak to the addicts for NA and once a month to speak to the prostitutes for Sex Workers Anonymous. So in retaliation for what I did - they banned me from the premises. Which frankly- all they had to do was when I approached them about this breathalyzer test - all they had to do was agree to remove the meeting from the directory of "open" meeting and/or post on the directory about the breathalyzer test being required there. But they refused to negotiate with me - leaving me no choice but to go to NA's region and have the meeting yanked. People could die from what they were doing - I had no choice.

They've also been hiring people to work with the prostitutes there that are not survivors, and they have no training in how to work with victims. I've offered to give them free trainings - yet they refuse. That's not my problem either. They've refused the offer of free training - because they say they'll still have to "pay" for the staff to attend the training. Then they tell me they'll have to write a grant and/or get donations in order to allow them to attend a free training.

Which is baloney. They've received approximately $30,000 from the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force to be providing services to trafficking victims. If that means they can't find the way to attend a free training - then it's purely and simply because it's all about money. It's also because they don't want to draw attention to the people they are denying services to at the gate, or even kicking them out of the program. They know good and well these victims aren't going to file any class actions lawsuits because they don't want to be named in the media as being a victim.

The problem with their thinking John is this is all going to be a repeat of what happened in California when I went through the same treatment by them. They refused to work with us back in the 1980's. They got all this grant money together and programs together - and they FAILED. The governor then found out they were having a 98% failure rate - and said if they didn't get their numbers up within the next year he was going to cut all their funding. They still refused to listen - and he cut 95 % of the funding. Now all of sudden they're listening - and I spent two years going around consulting and training these programs and outreaches and therapists out there in Los Angeles. And guess what? They got their numbers up to an 80% success rate - and they're still getting funding and they're still operating today!

California refused to talk to me and/or Lois Lee from Children of the Night about their recent push to make a trafficking bill. As a result - it got kicked out and sent back for "rewording". Right now President Obama has been pulling away from pushing for federal trafficking laws to be passed - because programs like ATLAS that came here in 2007 with over $870,000 in government funding failed to produce one victim. Not one after a year. That was the same year we processed over 300 victims - and I have emails where they also refused to help me with any cases. Right now - has the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force produced one victim they've rescued and is in a program today? Nope. They won't even return my calls - so how am I able to even give them a victim to work with?

If people like you don't start talking to people like us that know what we're talking about, and know what "works" for these victims - so you can produce bills that won't be torn apart, and start producing victims who will talk about how this program "saved them" like we are - you're going to wind up with nothing but wasted effort, no victims helped, and you might even wind up in the middle of a big investigation because I'm frankly smelling something fishy going on with the money here.

All you've done by not even mentioning our name, or the victim who spoke to you up there, is just "proved" what we're claiming in our letter is true and it's happening. I've been recovering from my stroke. I'm stronger now. I'm getting my fight back. I'm not taking this anymore John. Not when I have the lives of our victims and members who are having genocide being practiced on them - because people are out "raising awareness" and doing "fund raisers" - but not doing what it takes for them to find the help they need, and that works, right here and right now. A lie is a lie whether it's an outright lie - or an omission.

It's because people like yourself have been ignoring us, and making it so that victims aren't getting referrals to programs like ours, or Children of the Night out

of Judge Voy's courtroom - which is killing them John! I'm bringing the national media into this - and if I get pushed much further I'm going to call for an investigation to see if you or Catherine Cortez Masto have been receiving bribe money from the brothels. Because otherwise I just don't understand why this is happening.

I'd like to discuss with you how to change your bill so that the wording doesn't get thrown out - and so that it's something that helps victims like you met on Monday. And if you don't start talking to me about this now - off the record and between us - the next thing you're going to find happening is me organizing sex workers to organize public protests about this type of treatment that is killing them if they don't get access to existing services!

Now if you don't want to talk to me directly because I am obviously very passionate about this - you can talk to Amy. She has said she's willing to come forward and speak to you. Let me know. But since I've been a paralegal for 40 years, and since I've also been watching what's been going on in the legislature of other states about trafficking, and with my experience also working with helping "john's" I am an excellent resource - but I can also give her information to give you too.

In the meantime, I'll organize a time for you to come on the radio show and you can discuss what you're going to do about changing the wording with me. I'd also like you to discuss what you're going to do to incorporate our suggestions so we don't have to resort to things like public protests to get our message across. There's nothing the national media loves more than sex workers on parade or strike! Since I've told you I don't normally wake up until after noon because I'm answering our hotline until at least 4:00 a.m. most days - I'd like to schedule our radio interview for sometime after noon. I have access to an office here on Thursdays where I have a good internet connection and can record you then. If you have a webcam - I'd like to record you doing the interview by webcam. I can post it on our site, blog, facebook, etc.

I'd like to make this as just something you're "fixing" now and let's get you on the show and on the road here!


Jody Williams

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