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Posted by sexworkrecovery on November 15, 2014 at 5:55 PM

Now I've seen everything!  I read how one state has now made law to post the National Trafficking Hotline number on the inside of ABORTION CLINICS?!  Clearly these law makers don't know how trafficking works.  If you are the victim of a trafficker - he is NOT going to get an abortion for you.  For one thing, pregnant prostitutes "sell" and sell big.  So do lactating women.  Anyone knows that a pregnant prostitute also makes more money than a non-pregnant prostitute does.  Why would they cut their money? 

Also, traffickers ROUTINELY knock up their victims as soon as they possibly can.  Why?  So they can't run.  If she tries to run and leave her captor - all he has to do is trot down to the FBI and threaten her with a federal kidnapping case if she doesn't come back home or report in.  To a trafficker - a pregnant victim is desired.  She's also less likely to run, and her "johns" will tip her even more money because of the baby.  A pregnant trafficking victim is a gold mine to these people.  Also, if they really want rid of the baby - then there's the "fake adoption scam" they get to pull.  These guys have had as many as five parents on the hook at the same time over one baby they're offering to sell for an adoption. 

Worst case scenerio - they can get anywhere from $25,000 to $100,00 to sell the baby outright.  If by some weird chance they do want an abortion for their victims - they have doctors "on call" who do this without creating medical records.  Every trafficker I've ever known as a "resident doctor".  One who prescribes the pills, does their STD check-ups, and gives them birth control - all for free in "trade" or off the books.  Not a licensed abortion clinic.  But then I ask myself - was I advising these guys before they passed this stupid law?  Nope.  I then went to www.votesmart.org to see what's what with respect to sex trafficking, or even sex industry, legislation.  There was NOTHING. They didn't even have the category. 

One problem with being ahead of one's time is always having to create something.  So - our newsletter is now going to cover all of the legisation going on right now AND get each politicians' view on sex trafficking and the sex industry "on the record".  If you'd like to volunteer to help me with this project - please get in touch. 

Jody Williams


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