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Trafficking & Prostitution Services

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TAPS Founder, J.L. Williams, has processed over 500,000 requests for help over the phone, mail and email, from male and female victims in the US, and other countries, both from the "legal" and "illegal" sides of the sex industry since setting out to help others clear back in 1987 as of 2015.


J.L. Williams operated the first national hotline for sex trafficking victims ever to exist in the United States for adults. 


J.L. Williams is the author of the world's first Recovery Guide - and manual on how to recover from the sex industry.


She was asked by Mayor Bradley of Los Angeles, California, to be on the first board ever put together to design the first alternative sentencing program for prostitutes utilizing therapy as well as training.  Ms. Williams was the first, and only, survivor on this task force. 


Jody was asked to be part of the first alternative sentencing program in Allentown, PA called the "Program for Female Offenders" in 1989.   She helped with the program design, and ran 12 step meetings for the women in the program.  This reduced the numbers of prostitutes so dramatically - they were able to stall the spending of $1,000,000 to build a new jail for years.


Ms. Williams was the first person to ask Alcoholics Anonymous for permission to adapt their Steps to help design a program to help adult sex workers and trafficking victims that accepted male and females all over the US, and in other countries.  Her program, Sex Workers Anonymous, has meetings now all over the world as well as in the US.

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Trafficking and Prostitution Services

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If you would like a photo of Jody Williams, or a list of references and/or CV - then please just get in touch with us for a copy of that.  There are too many "fake" websites that have been posted online and keeping certain information and/or photos offline as much as possible makes it harder for someone to impersonate either her, or the program, or even someone from this program.